Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lovely Landscapes

I found this most awesome lesson plan the other day from MaryMaking (click here ) and I immediately HAD to try it out. MaryMaking suggested using scraps of posterboard/cardboard dipped in black acrylic paint to make the "landscape". Once the paint is dry, then the students use watercolors to paint the landscape. I incorporated the warm/cool color combos into my lesson. The students had to choose whether they wanted the sky to be "warm" or "cool" color schemed...and then do the opposite for their mountain/hill/landscape. Watercolor paper probably works best, but I used white cardstock because that is what I had on hand (and it is cheaper).

I really liked the end results:

one of my examples

by a 9 year old

another of mine (my fave of the two I made)

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