Saturday, November 24, 2012

I have an addiction

Seriously. I can't stop making Christmas ornaments. Last year it was Sculpey polymer clay, this year I am totally ignoring all my other household duties to make paper ornaments. I bought some awesome, very old sheet music at the Treasure Hunt Antique Mall a few months back and it has consumed my life. I am dreaming of things to make with it.....for real. (Dreaming about sheet music. I need to get help.) I found a cute snowman ornament on Pinterest that caught my eye and decided to make those. Aaaaand, I also love the simpleness of the single "swoop" bird (what?? that's what I call it anyway...don't judge) so I made some of those too. The birdies have sheet music on one side, pretty Christmas scrapbook paper on the other, and a button for an eye. Easy peasy. I am also going to make angels, stars, and Christmas trees using the same scrapbook papers and sheet music.

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