Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's been a while.....but summer is here and we are in full ARTS and CRAFTS mode here at the homefront.

So, while I am in school I am not on here much...nor can I actually do fun things with the chirren to have anything to post get the gist....anyhoo- Now I am OUT OF CLASSES FOR THE SUMMER!!!!! YAHOOO!!! Yesterday we had our first session (still in my kitchen, not in my soon to be newfangled basement studio...which is being worked on by my wonderful husband as I type this...I can totally hear him banging around down there)... We made Shoeprint "clay" pendants and 3 Minute Messy Mondrians. If I can figure out how to link the pendant lesson ...hmmm... maybe if you click here you will be taken to the lesson...and here are some of the pics of the kids and their pendants they made.
look what you made!!!!
painting his own pendant

letting the paint dry

picking out the perfect bead

those are some supah-fab clay pendants!!!

Here are the pictures from the "3 Minute Messy mondrians" the kids made. I had pre-cut black lines of construction paper and pre-cut squares and rectangles of red, blue, and yellow. I gave each child one piece of white cardstock and they each picked out a handful of the black, red, blue, and yellow pieces. The timer was set for 3 minutes and they had to arrange their colored pieces on their cardstock in whatever way they wanted....and it totally didn't matter if it was "neat" or "messy"- and it didn't matter how many of their pieces they used. After the timer went off I took these photos. The children were then given the opportunity to glue their pieces on the cardstock if they wanted to. (If I was to do this again, I would limit the number of chosen construction paper pieces to a "usable" amount...and I would give them less time...maybe only 2 minutes)
Here are the pics I took:







and here is the collage I made from those pictures....because I like to do this sort of thing.

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