Sunday, May 15, 2011

That pear tree just HAD to go!

okay- So now that I have figured out how to insert images in my posts...I can slather my pictures all over this blog. Yipppppieeeeee!!!
and now for the pear tree story....
We moved into our house in 2001. The "landscape" people decided that a pear tree would look nice in our front yard...ugh...not a dern pear tree...I haaaaate those. They only look pretty for a week and a half in the spring and I really do not like their bland symmetrical shape...yuck-o.
So, I decided (10 years later) that I wanted it to be gone. The problem is that it is not a good feeling to chop down a perfectly healthy we (Mr. Brown and I) slowly...but...surely....killed it. Once it was decided that the pear tree was indeed dead, we were elated! I wanted Mr. Brown to make an artsy branchy sculpture type thing from the trunk and branches (still in the ground)...and have it stay like that in the front yard. He thought it was a terrible idea....but obliged anyway. I think it turned out are a few pictures I took of it last night.

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